Farbe.cloud —
IoT web-platform

Web-platform for monitoring and managing IoT devices from the Farbe Elektronik
The modern world is a world of speeds. But where is everyone in a hurry and trying to be in time? We believe that everyone competes for information, as they say, whoever owns the information owns the world.
But the information itself very quickly becomes irrelevant, constantly updated and generates even more information. Our main task is to collect the actual, most valuable information for you.
We collect and process this information – we already transfer the data for you. Data that will help you make a decision to optimize your business, your processes, your development strategy.


The ability to configure exactly those platform resources that are needed for your tasks. The platform is easily scalable for any task


In addition to accessing the Web platform directly through a browser, you have the opportunity to integrate data from the Farbe.cloud cloud into your ecosystem directly through API tools


We understand the importance of your data, therefore we have developed a system in accordance with modern standards of security, redundancy and access control


We keep our finger on the pulse 24/7 in all our services. We use modern monitoring tools and promptly resolve issues in the work of our service - this is the key to successful cooperation with our clients